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DIRECTOR 01-19-18

Key Source in Your Library 

Best, most comprehensive guide to living successfully I’ve ever come across!!!
Power-packed with great advice!!!


Filip 01-12-18

Perfect, as all Earl Nightingale broadcasts 

Very easy to listen, over 19 hours just flew by. Simply perfect motivational stories. Will definitely listen to it again.


Tim Washington 12-28-17


Earl Nightingale was an amazing man. He voice speaks - yet still - to men and women.


William Andrade 12-21-17

Great book  love it, an amazing life changing book. I would strongly advise to listen to it at least twice.


Cosmin 8/11/17  "OUTSTANDING!!!"

Earl Nightingale is an amazing story teller with a very beautiful voice , the program is pure wisdom about all life's aspects , business, relationships, family... etc.

Highly recommend this audiobook is a
100% best quality .


Five Stars, October 12, 2017

By S Scrugs (Saint Louis, MO)

This review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audio Edition)

Pure timeless wisdom!


By Andrius 10-09-17


Wonderful message, wonderful voice. And everything told by wonderful man. Great listen!! One ot the best audio books to sum up all it takes to succeed!


By Arnaud Konan Michel 10-19-17

This is powerful 

I was looking for ways to improve my life and increase my productivity. This audio book just reinforced my determination to work hard and keep learning.
I will recommend this to anyone looking to improve his productivity and his overall well-being.

Nobody can do better than Earl., November 2, 2017


By Wayne (Reno, Nevada United States)

This review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audio Edition)

It doesn't get any better than from the Dean of Personal Self Development. Highly recommended!


FIVE STARS I DAREd and I Recommend You DARE Too

By Sherrif Osni on October 13, 2015

Format: DVD-ROM

The DARE Matrix DARE Stands for Desire, Accurate Thinking, Resources, and Execute DVD 1 - Desire DVD 2 - Accurate Thinking DVD 3 - Resources DVD 4 - Execute Free Bonus Episode on YouTube - Goals The DARE Matrix is a Hollywood level cinematography of well composed audiovisual compilation of many renowned authors and speakers in the field of leadership, and self and professional development. The DARE Matrix is not visually appealing or stimulating as Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, but nevertheless professionally developed and produced, and all the episodes can be fully enjoyed either by watching or by listening to them without missing the main point. I consider the DARE Matrix as valuably entertaining while educational and motivational set to listen to many times over similar to LIFESCAPES' Sunny Escapes Just Relax Maui DVD & CD Collection that contains breathtaking footage from the island of Maui set to relaxing music. I play the DARE Matrix on a daily basis and listen to it even as background audio that invigorates me, energizes my senses, and lights my fire. I highly recommend it and I hope it has the same effects on you.


FIVE STARS Nightingale and Conant, You have Succeeded Again with this program, "The Dare Marix".By Henry H. Morales on October 6, 2014 Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

The Dare Marix, is an amazing library, of the top 5% educators in almost all the areas of life. From wealth, health, business, goal setting, etc. I am telling you people, that if you invest in this program, you will save about "50 years" of your own life, in time, money and experience, in looking for ways to succeed. I know, because my name is Henry Hamilton Morales, and I started with nightingale (in 1966, 33rpm"record's" in those day's) programs. I was 24 yrs old.... am now 73 yrs old, and I have been a nightingale customer, off and on for the past 49 years. It has helped me and my family, in all areas of our life's. Thank you Nightingale/Conant for this wonderful service. Sincerely, Henry Hamilton Morales, San Antonio, Texas. Ps I even got a thank you letter from Earl Nightingale. What a great man.


By Mr Cool on July 4, 2014 Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

Buy it, Play it and keep playing it till you succeed.


FOUR STARS Better than expected Review by Dr. Duke Rogers

While most motivational speakers are full of it. Joe Nuckols is a great speaker. Really felt like he was talking directly to me. This will change your outlook. (Posted on 4/10/2015)


The Strangest Secret reviews

five-starsBy J.L. on July 1, 2012

Format: MP3 Music

This audio version of "The Strangest Secret" is outstanding. Nightingale does a great job of detailing how the way that we think affects our lives. The author provides a practical way of applying his research and work into our daily lives. The work is very motivating and can help one learn just how important it is to literally "think" oneself out of a rut and get on the path to success. This is quite possibly my favorite work from Nightingale, and further, one of my favorite success oriented guides overall. It's a definite must have for everyone looking to understand how to change one's direction and get on the right track.

five-starsA recording worth owning

By Donald on March 4, 2015

Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase

I bought this to play as part of a sales training class. Very pleased.

five-starsStrongly recommended for anyone.

By E. Rawls on February 1, 2015

Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase

The key is on the cover for a reason. This will not change your life, but it is a key that you can use to change your life forever. You can reshape your world by changing your perspective. This will help you think about how you are shaping yourself and how you can change that for the better, if you want to.


After all these years, a message that still rings true.

By Amazon Customer on August 1, 2014

Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

Recently, I was helping a friend clear out a room in her home for a new piece of furniture when she found a piece of paper and said, "Read this!" It was a short essay by Earl Nightingale. Suddenly, I was transported back to my teen years in the '60's when I would listen to short 5 minute segments of Earl Nightingale on the family radio. I was fascinated by his broadcasts, but I didn't say anything to my parents because I was afraid they would turn him off if they knew I was listening. My parents were very progressive in their thinking. It was an era of great and necessary change in our country. But, they were not pro-business or very positive about the future of the country.

Earl Nightingale's messages were positive and not political. They were practical audio essays on how to succeed, and how to more effectively live ones life. I loved them. I graduated high school in 1969, and that was the last time I heard anything from Mr. Nightingale until my friend found this printed copy of a short essay by him 45 years later. As soon as I saw his name at the bottom of the paper, his voice and the memory of his radio program came back to me. My friend was stunned that I knew who he was.

five-starsGreatest Purchase I ever made!

By Amazon Customer on March 15, 2014

Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

The strangest secret changed my life for the better. I never though that I could be in a position that I'm currently living. I went from being on a job that I hated to living my dream and owning a company that allows the freedom to do what I love. It all started with a daily dose of The Strangest Secret. Earl Nightingale put together a powerful audio and book and I highly recommend it to everyone who want to change their life. The only other recommendation, is to make it a daily habit to listen or read this material. Better yet, don't read the material or just listen to it "Study It." I am positive that your life will start to change as you will become a better person in 30 days. In 90 my life has completely transformed and I owe a lot of that to Earl wisdom. Do yourself a favor and Get It Now!

five-starsThe Strangest Secret is an amazing reminder and thought process to achieve what we want ...

ByThelma Moultrieon March 14, 2015

Format: Audio CD  Verified Purchase

The Strangest Secret is an amazing reminder and thought process to achieve what we want it life. The step by step goal setting format keeps all things relevant in your personal space ( vision, goal, daily reminder) and allows you to feel the results daily.

Lead The Field Reviews

five-starsGreat mentor of all times

By tridlock on November 15, 2015

Format: Audio CD  Verified Purchase

This knowledge can be very addicting to someone who is trying to improve there outlook on life. Read and reread all of the other customers' reviews because you'll gain all of what they said and even more. This is by far one of the best listening tools that will be added to my library of other great minds.

five-starsWhat an awesome selection of topics

By Robin Dumond on October 28, 2014

Format: Audio CD  Verified Purchase

What an awesome selection of topics. That will bring you around to being able to lead the field! There's certain values that stand out in person and a lot of times there not really thought about.
Earl Nightingale brings theses values to life. You have choice if you want grow and succeed to be better human being. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and prepare to be absorbed in the moment.

five-starsThe most life-changing information I've ever received!

By Halemanu Kanui on March 6, 2014

Format: Audio CD

If you consistently put these principles into practice, you cannot fail. I know, because I've been going from one success to another for the last 10 years and counting. I've listened to these over a hundred times now and apply these daily. The definitive self-help program to have hands down.

five-starsLead the Field

By Alex on August 25, 2013

Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

By far the most comprehensive manual for success I've ever listened to. I've acquired a lot of books and programs on self improvement years which never really hit the mark. Earl Nightingale's rang true for me right from the start. Not only does he have the content, but he's got the delivery to match- incomparable in my opinion. I've head the set for about a week now and have listened to it two to three times so far, finding something new each time. I wish I had rec'd this program as a teenager, as I'm sure it would have had an even deeper impact than it has now at the age of 45.

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